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Increased energy efficiency in urban grids via GGSI Smart Meters

Based on our new smart meter paradigm, urban grids can improve considerably with substantial advantages for utility and customers. The following features can be implemented into your software solution:


  • No human interface with meters. Electricity is wireless registered in software. Smart meters can be mounted on poles or locked in nearby utility enclosures, which reduces the chance for pilfering attempts.
  • Tariffs can be changed via software updates from one central computer with one push.
  • Wireless electricity pre-payment via SMS or smart phone.
  • Integration to invoicing system possible.
  • Electricity pilfering detection system.
  • Demand side managment: Changing tariff rates during high or low electricity demands.
  • Management of priority classes of customers assigned to different service and price structures (public, commercial, private, etc.)
  • Implementation of changing commodity and currency prices into tariff calculation.

We tailor smart meter software to your demand and requirements.

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Updated on October 19, 2017