GGSI Smart Meters drive rural electrification

In late 2014 GGSI was awarded a contract by the Nigerian Ministry of Power to build the world’s first REMU in a remote off-grid village in central Nigeria. It took until early 2017 before the REMU at Pakau Village was built with the cooperation of GGSI’s Nigerian project partner M-Rald Global Resources. It is currently providing solar energy to 107 paying customers.

Pakau Pakau village, central Nigeria - off-grid village

GGSI delivered the smart meters and the underlying software to perform meter management, demand side management and transaction processing combined with a suit of other useful functions. The system comprises, street lighting, solar/battery/generator power system and the WiFi network beside the brain: GGSI REMU software. This total solution sets the standard for electric utilities in off-grid communities. In addition, village-wide WiFi service is provided, and the local cellphone service provider has installed a cell tower as the REMU’s first commercial customer, as well as providing good cell coverage for the villagers. As a result, the Nigerian National Council of Power (NACOP) nominated GGSI for an innovation award.

Software GGSI software controlling Renewable Energy Micro Utility in Pakau

Updated on October 19, 2017