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First Renewable Energy Mini Utility (REMU) presented in Nigeria

Abuja, Pakau, Nigeria - July 22, 2017

Today, the first of its kind Renewable Energy Mini Utility (REMU) was presented to an international forum of delegates from ECOWAS countries in the small rural village of Pakau, about one hour drive outside Abuja, Nigeria.

The REMU is a new, sophisticated and state-of-the-art power utility for off-grid electricity generation and distribution based on renewable energy. The system is tailored to provide reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply for rural off-grid areas in Africa. The REMU is highly intelligent through its unique software system and specially designed Wi-Fi connected smart meters, which control the power supply of each house in the village.

Until now, it was not feasible to supply electricity in Pakau from the main grid. Through this new technology, the villagers enjoy now a better quality of power supply than the big Nigerian cities. This technology has the potential to solve one of Nigeria’s most burning structural problems: the migration from rural areas to the cities. Reliable power supply is the necessary condition for solid economic development and creation of wealth in Africa.

During the presentation of the system in Pakau, Faruk Yusuf Yabo, Director for Renewable Energy and Rural Power Access of the Federal Ministry of Power said: “With this project we also wanted to demonstrate that the system can be build by a Nigerian company with equipment sourced here in Nigeria. The only items imported are the specially designed smart meters and the software, which represent only a small fraction of the total budget.”

Tire Terminator signs Letter of Intent with Tire Depot Pablo

Pablo, Montana - August 22, 2016

Tire Terminator Technoloiges, LLC, which is owned to 50% by GGSI and 50% by Pyroconhas signed a Letter of Intent with Tire Depot, Pablo. According to the LoI, Tire Depot Pablo will deliver tires to the new electric utility in order to secure electricity production from scrap tires from the area. The agreement is the first step to establish Tire Terminator Technoloiges, LLC as an electric utility company.

GGSI & Pyrocon establish new company: Tire Terminator Technologies, LLC

Montana - July 19, 2016

GGSI and Pyrocon established today the new company "Tire Terminator Technologies, LLC" as a Montana company. Both companies own 50% of the stock of Tire Terminator. The establishment of Tire Terminator is the first step in our plans to build a Waste-To-Energy utility with a capacity of 14 MW in Pablo, Montana. The planned utility will convert scrap tires to electricity and carbon black. Pyrocon has developed clean Waste-To-Energy technology, which complies to the strict air quality demands of Southerns California. The technology was proven in a project in California for the Department of Defense. Pyrocon will be responsible for the technological development of the utility and GGSI will manage the build-up of the company and overlooks daily operations as soon as the utility is commissioned. The budget for the build-up of the utility is estimated to be roughly $40mill.

GGSI signed Joint Venture agreement with Pyrocon, LLC

Denver, Colorado / Reno, Nevada - December 15, 2015

GGSI signed a Joint Venture agrrement with the technology company Pyrocon, LLC from Denver, Colorado. Pyrocon has developed clean Waste-To-Energy technology, which is considered as renewable energy. Pyrocon built a first utility in Southern California as a DoD project. The project passed the stringend Southern Californian air quality demands.

GGSI presents REMU concept at World Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, Emirates - January 22, 2015

GGSI will be building a "showcase" Micro-Utility in an off-grid village near the capital in Abuja. It will be primarily solar-powered with diesel generator backup to serve over 100 households and local  micro-enterprises. It will provide street lights and power for shared community services. This site will serve as a template for many more in the near future. It will also provide a place for training installers and owner/operators. And it will be a living laboratory to develop local economic models to create prosperity in what is today primarily an agrarian society

GGSI wins Showcase project for "Light Up Nigeria"

Abuja, Nigeria - November 15, 2014

GGSI will be building a "showcase" Micro-Utility in an off-grid village near the capital in Abuja. It will be primarily solar-powered with diesel generator backup to serve over 100 households and local  micro-enterprises. It will provide street lights and power for shared community services. This site will serve as a template for many more in the near future. It will also provide a place for training installers and owner/operators. And it will be a living laboratory to develop local economic models to create prosperity in what is today primarily an agrarian society

GGSI Partners with Delta Products & Harbinger Tech.

Reno, Nevada, USA - November 15, 2014

To achieve the vision of the Nigerian Ministry of Power for these new Micro-Utilities, GGSI engaged with the leading hard ware and software providers. The resulting integration raises Micro-Grids to the new status of Micro-Utilities....unprecedented for renewable energy projects. This means that an off-grid village can enjoy power quality comparable to the USA at a fraction of the cost of diesel electricity. They pay only for the power they consume via cellphone. It means remote system monitoring and diagnostics from anywhere on the internet. And it empowers micro-enterprises in what is now primarily an agrarian community.

GGSI forms Joint Venture with Nigerian Installer

Abuja, Nigeria - November 15, 2014

GGSI has formed a Joint Venture with M-Rald Global Resources (MGR) in order to manage the Showcase project "on the ground" in Nigeria. MGRwill take primary responsibility for site preparations, layout and installation including power distribution all the way to the customer's building. GGSI will provide all the technology and training. Once the system is commissioned MGR will provide repair services and system expansions.

GGSI signs Teaming Agreement with Simplcom Inc. of Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada - July 16, 2014

Simplcom (www.simplcom.ca) of Canada will begin offering GGSI Micro-Grid solutions in Canada, starting with a showcase for their new "net zero energy" building in the heart of Quebec City. "Our teaming agreement with Simplcom represents a splendid market entrance for GGSI not only into Canada, but also into the French speaking parts of Africa." says Walter Kraus, Executive Vice President of GGSI and head of GGSI`s European office. According to Simplcom's CEO Christian Kala-Lobe "We are excited to have GGSI as our solution-integrator for this and future projects". Under this agreement, GGSI will model, specify and manage the implementation of renewable energy and storage systems for Simplcom's projects.

GGSI awards grant for FIRST Assessment to world's first 100% renewable off-grid RV Park

Montana - July 15, 2014

Montana Wild Resort has engaged GGSI to perform a FIRST Assessment of their project to create a completely off-grid RV Park in northwest Montana. There is a dire need for recreational venues for regional RVer. With renewable energy, the beauty and serenity of this park won't be spoiled by the typical
noise and smell of diesel generators. This phased project will serve as a terrific showcase for other such parks around the US. Groundbreaking is
expected this fall, where GGSI will serve as the prime contractor on the renewable energy part of the project.

Alliance between Exploration Products and Golden Grid Solutions

Spokane, WA /Reno, NV- June 20, 2014

Exploration Products is excited to announce our alliance with Golden Grid Solutions, a "renewable energy solution integrator" that provides a complete energy package for grid-quality power for both off-grid and thin-grid camp facilities in the 1/4MW - 10MW range. They offer a deep and comprehensive project feasibility analysis using their proprietary "FIRST Assessment" modeling methodology to determine both the functional and financial performance of a complete off-grid facility solution. As a "Pure-Play Provider", they pull together the most appropriate equipment and service providers for each specific project. Their close strategic partnership with advanced technology and equipment providers such as grid-scale batteries, allows Exploration Products to finally make many renewable energy applications practical and affordable for off grid Industrial and Military remote camps. They will manage the alternative energy portion of the project from feasibility to fully operational. The impact is to dramatically reduce the cost of diesel-generated power, in some cases by as much as 80%, and bring thin-grid power up to grid quality, improving the operational efficiency of the off-grid facility and reducing operating costs as well as logistical complexities while providing relief to the environment at the project location. Exploration Products will promote this technology to new projects as an option, as well as marketing retro-fit upgrades for existing facilities in the Mining, Oil, Gas and Construction markets world-wide.

GGSI signs teaming agreement with ILS, Kuwait

Norway/Kuwait - June 5, 2014

GGSI has established a strategic partnership with ILS, Kuwait by signing a teaming agreement. The aim is to better serve the Micro-Grid market in the Middle East and North Africa. “Our cooperation with ILS is vital for our involvement in the area,” says Walter Kraus, Executive Vice President of GGSI and head of GGSI`s Europe office, “because this part of the world will see a major trend towards renewable energy, and we believe ILS has the right connections there.” Jim Whitt, COO of ILS expressed great optimism, saying “With the solutions offered by GGSI we are able to serve the increasing demand of energy in our region in the most appropriate way. Renewable energy solutions are high in the minds of the decision makers we work with, who have expressed great interest in these solutions already.”

Golden Grid Solutions offers grant program for its FIRST Assessment services

Reno, NV, USA - May 29, 2014

Golden Grid Solutions has announced a program to provide grants to companies and organizations with commercial-scale projects that qualify for replacing off-grid diesel power with renewable energy. The grant covers the entire cost of a “FIRST Assessment” project analysis and report to establish its functional and financial feasibility. Applicants must provide background information on the proposed project and, if appropriate, a FIRST Look survey will be conducted. If the project looks feasible, then a grant for a full FIRST Assessment may be given. The entire process typically takes only a few weeks, and the grant recipient may then use the report to help them develop and fund their project with the help of GGSI.

Golden Grid Solutions CEO invited speaker at 2014 Global MicroGrid Summit

Irvine, CA, USA - May 20, 2014

The annual Global MicroGrid Summit was kicked off today by Golden Grid Solutions CEO Rudi Wiedemann as the first speaker at the HOMER Energy Workshop which preceeded the conference. He introduced GGSI’s “FIRST Assessment” model for evaluating the financial impact of integrating ViZn Energy battery products with renewables to replace diesel power in off-grid applications. The analysis showed how clever use of the appropriate battery technology can yield dramatic cost savings with payback periods of 8 years and sometimes much less.

GGSI announces new members to its Board of Advisors

Reno, NV, USA - May 01, 2014

Golden Grid Solutions is pleased to announce two new member of its Board of Advisors. Toby Mancuso is a well-recognized operations expert in the mining industry. Tom Calicrate is a renowned geologist and mineral exploration specialist. Both provide support to GGSI in helping off-grid mining operations replace diesel power with renewable energy.


GGSI aquires MarkeTech partners

February 5 , 2014

GGSI announces the acquisition of MarkeTech Partners, LLC. of Reno, NV. MarkeTech is a sales and marketing organization specializing in the renewable energy capital equipment space. It represents manufacturers of key pieces of the renewable energy puzzle, which creates more compelling solutions. According to GGSI CEO Rudi Wiedemann, “The acquisition of MarkeTech Partners brings great relationships with capital equipment providers as well as renewable energy projects already in process. This helps GGSI to build a solid foundation of offerings for our off-grid customers. With MarkeTech Partners in our portfolio, GGSI is well equipped to offer leading solutions to our customers," says CEO Rudi Wiedemann.

Golden Grid Solutions is launched

January 17, 2014

Today GGSI announced its formation to provide everything necessary to replace fossil-fuel based off-grid energy systems with grid-quality renewable energy packages.

With its proprietary FIRST Assessment™ software modeling tools, GGSI analyzes and optimizes both the most valuable and appropriate technologies along with the most suitable financing package. It works with its strategic partners to bring the whole solution to the energy customer.

The primary focus is industrial and commercial projects for off-grid mining operations, island resorts, recreational facilities, housing complexes and agriculture.

According to GGSI CEO Rudi Wiedemann, “Golden Grid Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide off-grid customers with complete and compelling alternatives to fossil-fuel energy with great confidence in the long-term practicality and economic outlook. By bundling the most viable and appropriate technologies with attractive financing packages, GGSI makes it easy for customers to switch to renewable energy.”