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GGSI Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance philosophy is based on the understanding that we primarily act as a fiduciary investor into eergy related projects and product sales, by providing a positive impact from an environmental perspective and at the same time securing long-term economic values for our investors, without sacrificing returns.

Our financial involvement strategy is focused on carefully selected and thoroughly investigated long-term renenue streams. We understand lucrative and long-term environmental investments as a core corporate governance issue, being normative for our successful company management. Hence, we support the projects we invest into with the proper means and technological solutions for exactly this aim.

In order to secure economic values for our investors, we base our corporate governance philosophy on investor and customer loyalty and solid long-term earning opportunities. In order to achieve this, our focus is put on in-depth understanding of the individual context of each of our projects.

The environmental focus of our corporate governance is based on resource reduction, emission reduction and product innovation under the condition of economic viability.

Governance within our organization is based on a reasonable management cost structure, a lean organizational structure, transparency, shareholder’s rights and shareholder majority ruling.

In order to anchor our corporate governance properly into the structure of our organization, we have appointed a company director focused on investor relations.

Updated on December 19, 2017